WROHellas is an organization dedicated to introducing Educational Robotics and to offering the STEM educational method to the children of Greece. With the volunteering assistance of well-known scientists and academics, WROHellas offers the expertise on modern technologies and problem solving techniques to every corner of the country. Having witnessed the changes in the educational systems worldwide, our organization is determined to provide the young minds of Greece with the proper equipment in order to make them eligible to compete with the other technologically advanced countries.

In this philosophy, we have developed programs based on interactive learning methods and hands-on activities focused on solving specific problems that combine knowledge from the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and we are currently spreading this revolutionary learning procedure across the country of Greece, training over 2000 students and aiming for it to be ultimately adopted in the national education system.

As a member of the World Robot Olympiad since 2009, WROHellas is the formal organizer of the National Robotics contests, approved by the Ministry of Education of Greece. This includes local contests in all major cities of the country in modern, fully equipped facilities, which ultimately lead to the finals conducted in the country’s capital.