30th of JUNE – 5th of JULY 2019

Link: https://stories.ea.gr

The STORIES Summer School 2019 was hosted by Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Golden Coast Hotel in Marathon for the third consecutive year. It was prepared to enable both existing (teachers involved in pilot phase A and/or B) and new (teachers that have no previous experience with our platform) STORIES teachers to learn all aspects – technical, pedagogical, research, and content related of STORIES to being able to start implementing the project in their schools (fully as a 40+ hour intervention with evaluation tools or partially as small 2 hour workshops involving experiments and/or storytelling) starting from Fall 2019. Besides the teachers that were financially supported by STORIEs, six more teachers applied and joined the 2019 summer school. Five teachers were funded by another EU project (CASE) and one more teacher had Erasmus+ funding.

Overall, the course consisted of ca. 27 hours of workshop-based training, such as presentations followed by hands-on sessions (9 hours of lectures and demonstrations, 18 hours of hands-on workshops). The whole summer school served again as an opportunity to test the platform, discuss the proposed pedagogical approach and prepare the teachers so they can implement as many features of the platform in their science teaching at school.
In detail, the STORIES Summer Schools includes presentations followed by practical sessions and workshops focusing on:

• Concepts and skills of storytelling, inquiry processes and multidisciplinary teaching
• Approaches to effective interaction between Arts and STEM
• Familiarization with the Stories of Tomorrow digital storytelling platform and educational digital repositories
• Assessment of Deeper (Science) Learning of students
• Preparing educational resources and activities and designing and creating stories
• Uploading and sharing digital stories for use in the primary and lower secondary schools
• Hands-on sessions working on creating animations, videos and resources related to science.
• Building a community of educators that will collaborate in the next few years and test their storytelling approach within the framework of the “Stories of Tomorrow” project