The STORIES Objectives

Storytelling is a great way to support the development of students’ inquiry skills and help them gain initial scientific experience while at the same time enable to them to use the potential of the imagination and creativity.

Therefore, the STORIES project will:

  • Develop a pedagogical framework that builds on the essential features of creative Deeper Learning in STEM and supports creativity as a generic element in the processual and communicative aspects of the pedagogy by integrating arts (virtual arts, performing arts, design, music).
  • Develop an advanced storytelling platform enriched with innovative interfaces (VR and AR) to support students’ creations. The creations of the students (paintings, models, dioramas and constructions, 3D objects and landscapes, animations, science videos and science theatre plays) will be captured according to their scenarios and will be integrated in storylines. The storylines will be available in the form of ebooks while the consortium will deploy a series of advanced interfaces (3D Worlds VR and Augmented Realty) to bring students stories in life.
  • Implement the proposed approach and the technologies to real settings in Germany, Greece, Portugal, France, Finland and Japan. The project will involve 60 teachers and 3000 students (5th and 6th grade – 10-12 years old) in the proposed activities. The pilots will last 5-6 months in each school and they will be repeated twice (Pilot A and Pilot B in Figure).
  • Ensure a continued learning process based on the deeper learning paradigm that addresses not just intellectual ability but also motivational ability. To accomplish a holistic assessment of STEM mastery within the deeper learning paradigm in science education, we will develop standardized assessment tools that cover intellectual and motivational ability.
  • Design and implement a systematic raising awareness strategy that will contribute to the effective communication of the project’s results and outcomes. The STORIES Digital Library including all students’ stories that will be developed during the project will be created to disseminate the visions and the work of the young students.


The duration of the project is 30 months, starting in January 2017.