In this section, we will publish information and links to the main outcomes and deliverables.

Soon you will find here the links to:

The STORIES Storytelling Platform

The project will develop an advanced storytelling platform enriched with innovative interfaces (VR and AR) to support students’ creations. The creations of the students (paintings, models, dioramas and constructions, 3D objects and landscapes, animations, science videos and science theatre plays) will be captured according to their scenarios and will be integrated in storylines. The storylines will be available in the form of ebooks while the consortium will deploy a series of advanced interfaces (3D Worlds VR and Augmented Realty) to bring students stories in life.

The STORIES Repository & Library

The STORIES Repository &Library will include all students’ stories that will be developed during the project to showcase the visions and the work of the young students.

The STORIES Tool-Kit

As part of the support offered to the schools, teachers and students that will be involved in the implementation process, the project team will develop a collection of guidelines and support materials.