Publisto LTD

Athens-based Publisto Ltd, founded in 2010, is a digital transformation pioneer in the primary education and publishing sectors, matching web and mobile app development with analytics and data science. A veteran in bringing together educators, illustrators, designers, authors and publishers with its extensive design and engineering team, PUBLISTO has created and published at least 25 storybook mobile apps in more than 200 countries in five separate languages (including Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese).

PUBLISTO’s works and methodology in combining astute requirements collection from creators and educators and delivering superb digital platforms and native apps has been featured in Reuters, Discovery Channel, Kirkus Book Review and dozens of other channels and media outlets. PUBLISTO’s Story Chaser, a one-of-a-kind speed reading story app has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and focusses on helping children and adults assess meaning in speedy and stressful or distraction-prone settings.

In the context of Horizon 2020, PUBLISTO conceived and co-implemented QTales, a storytelling platform for children whereby children book creators will be able to pitch ideas, collaborate, manufacture and sell eBooks and mobile apps, curated by a unique online curator network of human experts and leveraged by a new breed of machine analytics. The project can be viewed as the precursor of the current Stories of Tomorrow proposal and is currently at the final stages of its development.