National Astronomical observatory of Japan

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), is the national center of astronomical research in Japan and has one of the most advanced observing facilities in the world. As an Inter-University Research Institute, NAOJ promotes the open use of these facilities among researchers throughout Japan, as well as encourage flexible international cooperation. NAOJ aims to promote the development of astronomy, astrophysics, and the related fields of science.

NAOJ is putting its best effort toward playing a key role in establishing a new paradigm for understanding the Universe, the Earth, and life as a whole. For this purpose, it conducts observations of various objects ranging from the Earth to the Universe itself; considers theoretically the fundamental laws behind the observed phenomena, as simultaneously develops the technology to support these activities.

The Public Relations Center (PRC) was created in 1998 to share the latest astronomy research results with the public. This team communicates and promotes research breakthroughs in a manner that is understandable, relevant, and exciting. For this purpose, the PRC offers a range of services and deliver amazing scientific information through a variety of media including the Web and scientific publications. PRC teams have also built an effective partnership with dissemination experts working for public observatories, science museums, and planetariums.

The PRC is organized into eight branches: The Public Relations Office, the Outreach and Education Office, the IAU/International Outreach Office, the Ephemeris Computation Office, the Publications Office, the Library, the Museum Project Office, and the General Affairs Office. It also collects information about newly discovered objects and provide astronomical reading materials for the public.