Núcleo Interativo de Astronomia

Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia (NUCLIO) is a non-profit association of professional astrophysicists, geologists, science teachers and amateur astronomers devoted to public outreach and science education. NUCLIO is an official training centre recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

NUCLIO´s activities include: training teachers in the use of new technologies, innovative methodologies, promotion of real research in classroom where students are introduced to the scientific methods using robotic telescopes, data mining, and other advanced tools for science learning. Nuclio also promotes school demo activities where telescope observations are promoted, talks prepared specially to tackle the curriculum content and hands-on activities (including digital content) addressing specific topics of the curriculum.

NUCLIO has been involved in several EC projects as national coordinator for Portugal and more recently as coordinator of international community building efforts, with the mission to support teacher in the uptake of innovative approaches for science learning and the use of more student centred approach such as the use of inquiry based learning methodology. NUCLIO is the coordinator of one of the largest astronomy education efforts in the world, the Galileo Teacher Training Program, a legacy of International Year of Astronomy 2009 endorsed by the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO and part of the Cosmic Light cornerstone of the UN endorsed International Year of Light 2015. The program reached since 2009 over 100 nations and 30.000 teachers. NUCLIO is the coordinator of the Portuguese Language Expertise Centre for the International Astronomical Union where, among other roles, has the responsibility of bringing innovation and capacity building to Portuguese speaking nations.