MOTIVIAN was established in 2005 and is considered one of the most successful corporate ventures of mother company Velti - global provider of mobile technology solutions. MOTIVIAN was established in order to promote innovation and new technologies in the European ICT Market. MOTIVIAN is nowadays the Bulgarian branch of Velti - inheriting in fact the same personnel, technology and knowhow – and provides IT solutions that cover key business activities in various sectors ranging from marketing and telecoms to healthcare. MOTIVIAN is an experienced designer, developer and vendor of web and mobile solutions with a long list of applications developed either within commercial projects for the company’s customers and as part of customized solutions or even as standalone applications marketed directly by the company in the popular mobile app markets.

Focusing largely on research and technological development and the continuous study of the international market, MOTIVIAN is always looking for novel means of leveraging the company expertise in web and mobile technologies. Key research interests include among others: novel methods for data aggregation and visualization, alleviating user interaction through intuitive and AR-powered user interfaces for web and mobile devices, and personalized marketing tools and mechanisms. The realization of the latter will lead to fruitful business plans capable of providing MOTIVIAN and its customers the competitive advantage in the area of rich media content delivery, while also expanding its customer base.

MOTIVIAN has inherited the expertise and technical know-how from Velti’s participation in numerous R&D projects; in these research projects, the company implemented techniques and iterative methodologies for the production of interactive user interfaces suitable for advertising and marketing needs for multiple types of users and devices, paying particular attention in the design and analysis of usability and user experience aspects. In most projects, MOTIVIAN is also involved with aggregation and interoperability of data between devices, mobile and web applications and services, management of complex multi-dimensional data structures and processing of data according to standards. MOTIVIAN’s engineers bring in experience from several projects of FP6 and FP7 some of which include: ORAMOD, EFIPSANS, SENSORART, CHRONIOUS, SKYMEDIA, DIG, 3DTVS, TEFIS, Open-I, Inspiring Science Education.

MOTIVIAN offers marketing tools and content management platforms managing and delivering rich media advertisements to the largest mobile operators in Greece and Italy reaching more than 40 million users. There is a huge urge for innovation and investment in new technologies that make MOTIVIAN the ideal leader of activities concerning digital advertising, prototyping and evaluation techniques. MOTIVIAN is an expert in mobile application development and has a proven track record in application design both as part of the commercial activities of the company as well as part of the R&D ventures of the company. MOTIVIAN is in a position to materialize novel ideas in the field of mobile marketing applications development and GUI design.