The International School Challenge

During the second year of implementation (Phase B) the consortium launched an International Challenge that was twofold, as it was addressed to

  • students and teachers from schools that participated in the implementation of STORIES and were familiar with the usage of the projectʼs platform
  • students and teachers that were willing to experience the STORIES platform and navigate through its AR/VR capabilities

Students were challenged to go a step further than just creating a story: they had to use the VR features of the platform a build a viable community on Mars. Their digital creations were ranked based on the complexity of their Mars base and the selection of the right structures that would allow their mission to build a shelter on Mars that could lead to a sustainable community.

Here are the best stories from Greece, France and Portugal.


team 6
team 4
team 3
Team 3


Projet du groupe 5
L'enquête martienne
Destination..... Mars
Les mystères de Mars


Grupo 1
As Curiosas
Grupo 2
os Rebeldes