29 & 30 JUNE 2019

Link: http://deeperlearning.ea.gr

EA organized the International Conference “Creating Conditions for Deeper Learning in Science” (http://deeperlearning.ea.gr/conference-home/) took place in the premises of Ellinogermaniki Agogi on the 29th and 30th of June 2019. The Conference achieved to bring together researchers, decision makers and educators from all around the world. These experts investigated the concepts of Deeper Learning, the conditions under which it could lead students to develop mastery in scientific subjects and the methods how these achievements can be assessed. Furthermore, the conference gave the opportunity to explore how an "open" school can be an ideal environment for shaping the conditions required for students to achieve Deeper Knowledge in Science combined with Art.
The Conference was framed by the following four main themes: Deeper Learning in Science through Arts; Enhancing Science Education through Digital Story Telling; Inquiry based Learning and Creativity in Science Education. During the conference, 6 distinguished keynote speakers presented their field of expertise in regard with the theme of conference, covering various aspects of achieving Deeper Knowledge and the tools that can support and validate it. Thirteen papers presented to the audience in which researchers presented actions designed to achieve deeper knowledge in the classroom and teachers shared their experiences, as well as their pupils’, from the implementation of relevant activities in their ranks. Four workshops focused on iMuSciCA, STORIES OF TOMMOROW, eCraft2Learn and weDRAW EU projects were designed for the participants.

Among the distinguished keynote speakers there were:

• Ms Phaedra Boinodiris, Member of IBM’s Academy of Technology, where effectively she is an INTRA-preneur, kicking off internal startups that range from IBM’s first Serious Games and Advanced Simulation program to IBM’s first K-12 program- influencing curriculum in traditional and non-traditional learning spaces through entrepreneurship and social impact.

• Prof. Demetrios Sampson, currently Professor of Digital Systems for Learning and Education, Dept. of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus and In the past, he has also served as a Professor in numerous universities and research institutes across the globe. His research expertise is in the fields of Learning Technologies and Digital Learning, demonstrating a significant scientific impact as he is listed at the top 20 researchers globally in the field of Learning Technologies based on Google Scholar citations (February 2019)
Ellinogermaniki Agogi also hosted a major pre-conference event regarding the enhancement of STEAM activities in Greek schools, which was organized by GFOSS Open Technologies Alliance (https://gfoss.eu/) a non-profit organization consisted of 35 Universities and Research Centres, in collaboration with European Schoolnet. The event attended by more than 50 teachers and comprised by keynote speeches, presentations and training workshops.
Link: https://scientix.ellak.gr/conference/.