Infographics Challenge

In tandem with the International School Challenge, the consortium invited all students that have participated through their school in the first or second phase of the STORIES implementation to provide an electronic presentation of their e-story in the form of an Infographic. 

As students (aged 10-12) are not familiar with the term and free applications they can use in order to create their infographic, as an alternative the consortium offered the use of powerpoint (or similar software) for the creation of a poster or slide that gathers all the basic information of their story and highlights moments that the students believe are crucial for the evolution of their story.


Fronton School

Les Canonges school

Peyrun School

Rignac School

Soublecause school




Team no.1

Team no.6

Team no.14

Team no.18

Team no.19

Team no.36

Team no.40

Team no.46


Carcavelos School

Cidadela School

Povoa School