HELSINGIN YLIOPISTO - University of Helsinki / (UoH)

HELSINGIN YLIOPISTO - University of Helsinki / (UoH)

The University of Helsinki has more than 3500 students and 7000 employees in eleven Faculties. The Department of Teacher Education has 2200 Degree Students; 430 Subject Teacher Students; 180 staff members. It is a multidisciplinary institution of education and intellectual regeneration, and a builder and forerunner of the future. Growing up to shoulder responsibility on the global scale provides the wider framework for the Department’s activities.

The Department of Teacher Education in Helsinki is the largest and, with regard to its syllabus, the most versatile unit providing teacher education in Finland. It actively promotes the well-being of the nation, equality and an equitable society. The Department of Teacher Education aims to consolidate its position among the world’s leading teacher education and pedagogical research units.

The Department of Teacher Education is also internationally attractive. As a result of Finland’s success in PISA surveys, Finnish teacher education has been evaluated as one of the key factors in good learning outcomes. Student and staff mobility is supported by international exchange programmes and resources are increasingly invested in teaching taking place in English.

Department of Teacher education has two university training schools with more than one thousand pupils and students and more than 100 teachers. In these institutes new pedagogical methods are actively developer, applied in practice, and evaluated according research and evidence based methods. The department is also coordinating a network of 27 schools for teaching practices for teacher students. In addition, the Unit of Science Centre Pedagogy has its’ own network consisting of more than 600 teachers.

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